Need the Perfect Graduation Gift? Go for One of These Popular Ideas!

After a strange and stressful year, college seniors are finally exiting college and entering the real world – one that may look a little different right now, but still offers hope for a promising crop of new college graduates. If you have a college graduate in your family or circle of friends, you probably want to honor this person with a thoughtful gift that they’ll love. Read on for a few great ideas for 2021 grads.

An Espresso Machine

In 2020, your graduate got used to living and studying at home – and that even included making their own coffee drinks, when they couldn’t visit the local Starbucks. Help them elevate their at-home barista game even further with an espresso machine, like the Nespresso Vertuoline Coffee & Espresso Machine, which can make coffee and espresso drinks. With this nifty machine, they can stay caffeinated on less coin, while having fun creating their own unique beverages.

A Meal Delivery Service Subscription

Subscription-based boxes like Hello Fresh are all the rage, and for good reason: they can help new cooks master necessary kitchen skills by providing members with a box of fresh, curated groceries and recipe cards to guide them in throwing it all together. While every service is different – some offer pre-packaged meals, while others require preparation at home – we can all agree that this is one gift idea that will come in handy while your new grad is navigating their new lifestyle.

A Weighted Blanket

Though the weighted blanket isn’t exactly a novel gift idea, it’s one that the 2021 college grad in your life will probably appreciate more than ever after college, when the challenges of post-grad life may threaten to interfere with their quality of sleep. Encourage them to momentarily forget their cares under a luxurious weighted blanket, which is known to promote deep, restful sleep and reduce symptoms of anxiety.

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