Eat Smart This Holiday Season

Remember that eggnog comes around but once a year. It is intended to be consumed in large quantities to make up for the rest of the year, so drink up! And because it is only around for a short while, there is no danger of you becoming an eggnog-aholic. 

With everything you have to do during the holiday season, realize that there is no time for exercise. After all the hustle and bustle, January will feel dull and boring. Save exercise for after New Year's Day, to help fill in that void.

Learn to navigate buffet tables like a pro. Ask if the host or hostess has provided any low-fat, low-calorie, healthy alternatives. Once they are pointed out, avoid them like the plague. Stick with full-fat dairy products, gravy, meats, and sugar-filled goodies. There is plenty of time the rest of the year to deprive yourself. Besides, you will need a few extra pounds to entice you to set your New Year's resolutions. Entering the new year down a few pounds because you've eaten healthy all December is not the way to do it.

Do not eat a snack before coming to a holiday part to try to control your eating. Remember, you should find lots of food, drinks, and desserts--all for free! Indulge and enjoy it all.

If there is a particular food you like, say frosted cookies, stake your claim by positioning yourself near those items at the table. Even better, pick up the plate and take it to a far corner of the room where you can enjoy your favorite fare in peace. 

If pies are served, remember it is best for you to try each and every one. Even if there are two or three apple pies, take a slice from each. It is not often you get to have more than one dessert to choose from. Disregard this piece of advice if fruitcake is served--that you should skip.
One final tip--always try the rum balls. If they are great, stash a few in your pocket for the ride home. You never know--you might get hungry!

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