Better Your Overall Heart Health

A new study shows that a heart-healthy diet can offer benefits even to those who have established heart disease. Researchers at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, found that older people with heart disease who ate the most fruits, vegetables, fish, and nuts had a much lower risk of having another heart attack or stroke than those with an unhealthy diet. Their overall risk of dying was also lower.  
Many people who have had a heart attack think that medication alone will help prevent another one. While taking medication is important, a healthy diet offers significant benefits as well. The study showed that a heart-healthy diet offered up to a 35 percent lower risk of heart or stroke related death over those who were taking medication alone.  
While it has long been known that a healthy diet helps your heart, this study is noteworthy because it is the first international, major study to show that this type of diet offers benefits for those on medication for existing heart disease. It helps address the concern many older people have that it might be too late for them to improve their heart health. This study shows that changing your diet at even a later age can have a significant impact. 

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