What to Do When Your Flight is Canceled

Weather delays, national emergencies, striking workers, and mechanical problems can all lead to flight delays or cancellations. While there sometimes is nothing you can do, there are some things to try if your flight is Canceled. 

Your best bet to staying informed is to sign up ahead of time for email, text, or phone alerts from your airline. You can also check the airline’s Twitter account. For example, Delta Airlines created a Twitter account, @DeltaAssist, to handle customer service issues. Customers often get a quicker response through this channel than traditional customer service telephone lines, as airlines do not want a flood of negative retweets. 

If it is unavoidable that your flight is Canceled, you may be entitled to some compensation. The Department of Transportation doesn’t require airlines to offer any compensation, but often an individual airline’s policy may work in your favor. Some airlines will offer money, hotel rooms, or discounts off future travel if the delay is caused by a maintenance issue. If you have to take alternative transportation because the airline cannot reasonably accommodate you on another flight, you may also get a partial or full refund. 

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